Is the Flu Vaccine Right for You?

Watch this short video and find out. I have witnessed my own immune system, my family and my patients ability to fight the flu turn around with scientific analysis of “why” your immune system is weak. No, I don’t feel it’s because you are too young or too old that you can’t fight the flu on your own. Would you not rather get to the cause of your immune system weakness? That way you can not only fight off the flu but cancer, auto-immune dis-ease, allergies and all other infections as well. I used to be miserable from allergies and coughing my brains out, green phlegm and “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired”. With patience, diligence and persistence, I let natural remedies, through Science based testing, help me get better. I am so grateful! I am a different person now with a much more robust health! Thank you God!