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Enjoying life to the fullest with our kids and grand-kids is something we want and cherish. Health issues can steal that from us.

Did you know…that health issues are the #1 cause of Bankruptcies? Both Life enjoyment Bankruptcy and Money Bankruptcy.

Testing is one of keys to preventing this. In office testing as well as Blood and urine testing is like an x-ray of your body. It can see your true hidden health status now and in the future so you can live life to the fullest!

Dr. Kwik provides a healthy approach to living designed for you. Everyone is different and therefore needs a unique approach to staying healthy. Your body was designed with intelligence, but sometimes there are issues. Trauma, sickness, injuries and other environmental factors can block your body's natural ability to heal itself. Dr. Kwik works with you to find your unique challenges, remove obstacles and get your body back on track.  

Dr. Kwik designs a wellness plan specifically for you utilizing the latest techniques in chiropractic and nutrition. He has helped many clients with nagging injuries such as whiplash, concussions and sports injuries.

Dr. Kwik Uses Functional Blood Analysis, Functional Hair Analysis, Functional Heavy Metal Analysis, Deep Muscle Tissue Release, Acupressure, Dynamic Cupping, High Power Laser (Class 4), Kinesio Taping, Cranial Work (to release brain pressure), Active Release Therapy and other state of the art treatments to target your unique issues and keep you healthy.

Meet Dr. Kwik

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My name is Dr. Paul Kwik. I came from Indonesia when I was 6 years old and moved to Rochester, N.Y. My family introduced me to McDonald’s and I fell in love. My mom would say “your eyes are bigger than your stomach,” because when I was hungry, I would order 2 fish fillets or 2 Big Macs with 2 large fries and a Chocolate shake. Needless to say, I was sick at the end of the meal and thus started my journey to “lack of health.”  Read More

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