Chiropractic & Wellness Services For You

Body Intelligent Center specializes in increasing quality of life to those suffering from chronic symptoms. I believe the majority of diseases are just labels nicely categorized so that they can be given drugs.  Symptoms are the end of something deeper inside. Unfortunately, drugs rarely heal the deeper causes but only "mask" the symptoms and leaves a host of collateral damage on the body.  Drugs serve best in acute conditions, and most medical doctors would agree with that. I have referred to medical doctors for that purpose and can co-manage your condition as a team.  But why are drugs used so often in chronic conditions?  Because, they don't have any other solution.  My goal is to work with your medical doctor.  Would not he want to wean you off your drugs if you are getting healthier?  My focus with my services is to get to those deeper issues so that the symptoms go away by letting the body get healthier. 

  1. PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

  2. Science Based Nutrition using functional blood, urine, hair and stool analysis for toxins and nutritional deficiencies.

  3. Weight Loss

  4. Diet/Supplement Planning

  5. Causative Homeopathy

  6. Chiropractic

  7. Wellness

  8. Soothing, high power, class IV laser

  9. Deep muscle massage and tissue release techniques including:

    • Acupressure Dynamic cupping

    • Kinesio-taping

    • Cranial work to release brain pressure from old injuries including concussions and sport injuries and whiplash's and surgery/injury scars

    • Active Release Technique deep muscle dynamic massage