Top Six Things Contributing to Constipation

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Please watch the videos, 3 parts, to get the full benefit of this. It has additional details, particularly about specific exercises.

There are many things that can contribute to constipation. It can be miserable especially if you have a history of it.

The most important thing is figuring out what is causing the problem.

There's some basic remedies that you should do on a daily basis. They are as follows:

1. Are you drinking enough water? Water is essential ingredient to life and makes up most of your body. So if you're not consuming proper amounts of water then you need to to do that. It has a serious effect on major health issues in the body. One patient called me and said she was feeling lousy. She was on my tailored Nutrition program to cleanse her body. I asked her if she was drinking enough water. She said no. Her symptoms cleared up once she hydrated herself. You want to drink up to 96 ounces per day depending on your body weight. I recommend drinking a quart of water for every 50 lb of body weight. 

2. Environmental Toxins

My observation is that every patient that has walked in for my Nutritional Consult has had too much heavy metals in their body. This can cause constipation. See ncbi reference above and do your own research as well. Toxic exposure is only getting worse as time goes on. Heavy metals, antibiotics, insecticides, pesticides, other pharmaceuticals & even radioactive uranium are in the water we drink and the food we eat. Please make sure that the water is purified either through a reverse osmosis or Berkey filtration system. If you are using bottled water, I recommend using Aquafina or Dasani water because I know that those are filtered with reverse osmosis. You can check other types of water by calling the company and asking if they use reverse osmosis. Personally, I use the Berkey filtration system which is 2 cents a gallon for the main filters and six cents a gallon for the fluoride/arsenic filters. I believe its the most effective at toxin removal while being the most cost-effective. Additionally, reverse osmosis takes away all the essential nutrients while the Berkey retains those. Minerals are in the same “family” as heavy metals, they all talk to each other and help “transport” heavy metals out of your body. Just search it up online and you'll see how critical minerals are for thousands of chemical reactions in your body as well.

Antibiotics in water and food. What is the most abundant in your body? Can you count to 37 trillion? That is how many body cells you have. What outnumbers the cells in your body? Can you count to 100 trillion? That is how many good bacteria are in your body. Your Digestive system hosts a majority of them. Antibiotics kill them! It's in food and water and can have residual effects today even though you had them many years prior! What does the good bacteria family do?

  • Helps with Depression by producing seritonin, the feel good chemical (

  • Helps with constipation (

  • Host of other things as well.

    The Bottom line; Filter your water, buy organic fruits and vegetables. Buy properly fed & treated animals which have been allowed to graze. If tight on budget, wash your fruits and vegetables with a cleanser as well as eat hormone and antibiotic free animal food sources.

3. Body Work

Body work would involve movement of the body at home and sometimes getting professional help, if needed. The body works by communication just like human beings need to communicate. Your body communicates through the brain and sends signals to the rest of the body to tell it what it should do and the body responds by telling a signal back to the brain using a feedback mechanism. Your vital organs communicate automatically through the autonomic nervous system which controls your stress and relaxation systems but it works through the conscious mind when your lifting something using muscles. Both of those require communication.

There's another set of communication pathways that happens on the skin surface called meridians ( . Acupressure without needles, which we do at our office, are ways to unblock short circuits of these communication pathways. I liken it to an orchestra singing a beautiful song and all the players are in perfect tune and harmony. These short circuits on the surface of the skin (meridians) or blockages of the actual nervous system (brain/spinal cord/nerves) can be helped with home treatment or if necessary, chiropractic care, or acupressure. This movement, song or dance, if you will, of your body through the nerves of the body and the meridians can be short circuited and cause your colon to be constipated.

When you're blocked, so many things gets affected.

  • Interference with the chemical processes of the body which can cause your body to starve!

    For example, if you are taking 5 vitamin pills per day,  if you have short circuits in the body, aka. Interference Fields (IF’s), your body’s needs can double OR your body may not be able to utilize them (malabsorption) —> your body will need 10 vitamin pills per day to get the same benefit —> waste of money and in the long run—> waste of health leading to cancer, Alzheimers, diabetes, etc.

    4. Food is a Factor

    For example fiber, the best source of fiber is from vegetables, whole grains and fruits. You want to have the fruits and vegetables with the fiber, which is the skin. Additionally, the skin has the most nutrients in it. So you don't want to take the skin off if you don't have to.

    5. Nutrients

    I often find that my patients are deficient in things like vitamin C, and the basic foundation nutrients like minerals/electrolytes. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, all the trace minerals as well, are critical to the health of your body and critical to constipation. For example, magnesium, allows the body to relax, including relaxing the colon itself. When your colon is contracted because not enough calcium or magnesium is there, you're constipated! Side note on Hypertension; magnesium allows the blood vessels to relax decreasing blood pressure. I sometimes have to prescribe one of the best acute remedies for constipation, Whole leaf Aloe Ferox. Whole leaf, not just the aloe gel is critical!

    6. Infection/Inflammation,

    I find that there's a lot of gut problems from infection and inflammation in the gut which would necessitate the need for probiotics as well as natural anti-inflammatory remedies. Getting a complete lab assessment will help me tailor what you need.

    If all the above does not work, Listening to your complete story, will help me to create your new Health story. It starts out by telling me about you. Feel free to fill out your information so I can send you a detailed questionnaire.

    Patient at deaths door

    One of my most recent patients was referred to by another patient. He was pretty much at death's door. After starting with me, the doctors said it was a miracle that he was still alive. He had been admitted to the hospital for a ruptured aortic aneurysm. He was in a coma for one month and by the time he got here he was at 30% heart function, severely constipated and on narcotic drugs for pain, he wasn't getting any sleep, he had lost 30 lbs, and diagnosed with cancer and liver failure. To say the least, his life was miserable!

    We did the foundational lab tests on him, analyzed what he needed from the lab tests and started creating a new story for him! After he started my program, here is what happened in 1 month:

  • Heart function improved from 30% to 50%

  • Gained 20 lbs

  • Pain gone

  • Constipation gone

  • Thankful to me because he was able to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • Sleep improved 20%

    Not everybody is is at death's door when they come in. I'm hoping that you'll talk to me much sooner than that! It'll be easier for me and especially for you so that you don’t needlessly suffer.

    So those are the top things associated with constipation I hope you got benefit from this. Feel free to co