Top 6 things to Take While in Ketosis (Losing Weight)

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Hello, I’m Dr. Paul and I’m here to guide you on your Ketosis Journey! Whether it be weight loss, fighting cancer, fighting autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus or multiple ailments, you will need to have a foundation for getting through and rebuilding your body back to health.  Ketosis can be a vital part of that. So let’s dive right in.

Number one are multivitamins(MV). Why do you need them? Mv’s rebuild the nutrients that are missing in your body. Why are they missing? Because there has been a hundred years of abusing our soil. Because of overpopulation, farms have been forced to overuse and abuse the soil so we can help meet the demands of the population. As a result, our foods are depleted of essential nutrients.

Obviously not all MV’s are created equal.  I’ve seen on Xray mv’s getting ready to come out the stool “whole”. It’s a complete waste of money! I've seen supplements that have a certain amount that says on the label but only have 50% of that substance in the actual bottle, some have 0%, that’s right, none of that nutrient was in the bottle.  That is why I always look for FDA/cGMP approved. I've seen supplements that haven't been tested for heavy metals which are extremely damaging to the body. Here's a link that you can go to to see how to pick the best supplements at a discounted cost. Multivitamins are your first link toward getting healthy through ketosis.

Number two are essential fatty acids(oils). Oils are an essential part of every cell of the body because the cells are made up of a fat membrane. Cells talk to each other via this fat membrane. As a result, when you don't have enough good oil, your body mis-communicates and suffers.  Top that off the bombardment of bad oils in our food supply. Bad oils are rampant and found mainly in fast foods and processed foods. You need to start reading labels. Most foods have canola oil or safflower oil or sunflower oil and worst yet, partially hydrogenated oils.  There's confusion on whether safflower and sunflower are healthy or not but put it this way, once they get oxidized, it’s like rust to the body. They become bad oils. It causes oxidation of cells which causes early destruction of cells, i.e. early aging. So oils protect our cell walls just like essential oils in all plants protect it from the Sun damage. In addition, there are a host of other functions including reduction of bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol.  Not only does good cholesterol help cause vibrant physical and sexual health, it's also instrumental in reducing inflammation transporting heavy metals out of the body.

The next thing is electrolytes. What are electrolytes?  They are in water that has not been stripped of electrolytes which are basically essential minerals.  The ultimate consequence of continual deprivation of water/electrolytes is what? Yes death! Electrolytes performance numerous functions including, detoxification from heavy metals and you tend to lose more on a ketosis program like Ideal Protein.  The major electrolytes are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium so we encourage sea salt. In the case of Ideal Protein, its 330 mg of potassium in just the Ideal sea salt that you sprinkle on your foods.

The next thing that we want to that are highly recommended is branched chain amino acids.  Why? Because that helps to rebuild the muscle that you lose on every weight loss program. Not all weight loss programs are created equal.  Some programs lose 50% muscle and that is scary. It’s terrible for your metabolism because it slows metabolism down. So you get a false sense of hope thinking, “Wow, I’ve lost weight!” But then at the end of program 50% of that you lost was muscle and your metabolism really slows down. So what happens when you get back to eating more carbs? Your body will go into yo-yo dieting. It'll just jump up with weight because your metabolism is completely wrecked. Therefore Branch chain amino acids helps to rebuild the muscle in order to keep the metabolism up.  Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger who is mainly muscle. When he is showcasing his body, he’s contracting those muscles. Is that easy to do? No, he's sweating up a storm because like all men, not only does he have a greater % muscle, compared to women, but he is a body builder. Therefore he will need more branch chain amino acids then you or me. So, they are essential in your weight loss program. I would even go another step to say they are essential when you get older as well because of muscle wasting when you get older. So the implications of Branch chain aminos are far reaching.

Fifth are enzymes.  Enzymes are critical for digesting food and digesting inflammation and infection in the food you eat.   Betaine HCL or hydrochloric acid are extracted from Beets. Thus the “Bet” in Betaine. Is your stomach acidic or alkaline?  It’s strongly acidic. Why is it acidic? It was designed to be extremely acidic to allow the body to digest the food and help make vitamin B12 from the intrinsic factor. No HCL means no Intrinsic factor → no Vitamin B12.  That’s not good! Tums and Prilosec suppress HCL production. Yes acid foods can cause unwanted symptoms for many people. I.e. Acid reflux. But the reason why is because you have too much lactic acid and deficient in hydrochloric acid.   Did you know that Betaine HCL was the first antibiotic before penicillin? Did you also know that you are given a certain amount to last throughout life?  If when you were younger, you ate a lot of processed foods, you will run out of HCL earlier in life which will cause things like acid reflux, indigestion, gallbladder problems and other digestive woes.  I know of 18 year olds losing their gall bladders because of junk foods. In a nutshell, hydrochloric acid rebuilds the stomach to help digest foods and fight inflammation and fight infection.

Last but not least are antioxidants.   I strongly recommend that for any program because as you're getting healthy, especially when you losing weight, your body's going to release extra “unwanted” fat from your body storage so you can lose weight.  Do you know what is stored in the fat? Toxins and extra hormones like estrogen. Estrogen builds fat in the body, can you picture a man with breasts from being overweight? Yes that is from excess estrogen! Well all that is going into the bloodstream when you are losing weight. That is also why it can change the menstrual cycles of women temporarily.  Because the bloodstream is so pure what is it going to do with all those toxins? How does it fight it off? Will toxins act like rust to metal. It damages cells. That is called oxidation. So the first thing the body wants to do is beat it with antioxidants. One of the antioxidants is called Ultra gamma E complex which is a powerful combination vitamin E product.

So those are the top 6 things that help your body to start getting healthier in your ketosis journey.  Please remember this and learn more here: If you are healthy, does it matter the name of the disease?