"Remarkable recovery with allergies"

Hi Dr. Kwik,

I had told a friend of mine about the remarkable recovery I've had with my allergies and she was wondering if she could have your name and contact information so she could start working with you. I wanted to askbefore giving out your information. With that be OK with you? She lives up here in Cupertino.   DS from northern Ca


Roberta before

ROBERTA after 109 lbs lost

Meg's Weight Loss Journey:


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Other Success Stories:

 Irritable Bowel, stools tending toward diarrhea, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, knee pain & foot cramps:

My patient came in today for a follow up.  She had been suffering for years with Irritable Bowel, stools tending toward diarrhea, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, knee pain & foot cramps just to name a few.   After 1 session with homeopathic remedies to support her weak organs, her stool problems "are fixed"!  She is extremely grateful!  

What causes this?  Based on in depth face to face time with her, here are the things I suspected:

Food allergy to wheat  --> digestive problems, leaky gut -->   toxins get into blood stream and inflict anywhere in the body

Environmental toxins --> another estrogen mimicker-- see pesticides below

Radiological toxins (ex. x-ray exposure such as mammograms, dental x-rays, etc),  --> can devastate our immune system making it vulnerable to disease

Candida overgrowth (bad yeast)--> these critters are nasty they serve as protection to another bad guy called Mercury and other bad metals for your body.   Candida loves sugar and bad carbs (pasta, any flour, alcohol) so a candida diet is critical.  

Pesticides- these are just one of many estrogen mimickers that wreak havoc on your sexual hormones, can cause infertility and even cancer (from estrogen dominance).  

See here for more info:   http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/digestive-diseases-diarrhea.

The benefits of homeopathics:

Establish proper electromagnetic communication in her body. See above for more info.

Chronic abdominal bloating and gas:  

Here is an email I just received from a patient: (italicized is my comments)

This patient has been to multiple medical doctors and alternative drs, me be the last one.  I have seen her now for about 2 yrs loading her on every therapy I have including many supplements but to no avail.  This email is her success after 1 FCT session which involved taking homeopathic drops over a 2 day period of time. 

Hi Dr. Paul,

I had a decent BM (bowel movement) this morning, lightening the load a pound which always puts a smile on my face.  The even better news is………the bloat is down!!!!!!  

I believe it is the vials at work?!  I haven’t changed anything otherwise except adding 3 Dr. Schulze caps but that was days ago.  I just finished the vial protocol yesterday, so it must be their energy?!  Wow!  I am elated!  Thank you!  I hope this is the case and my health will FINALLY shift back to homeostasis, bloat-free, pain-free and feeling good.  Fingers crossed!

Last night a glass pyrex bowl of frozen chicken soup rolled out of the freezer and I tried to block it from crashing onto the stone floor with my foot.  It hit my big toe and is sore today.  It’s not broken, but really?! 

Even my Mom agrees the bloat is down, so maybe she’ll give the vials and you a chance!

I fell off a horse in 2001. My left knee broke in several places. The doctors gave me three options:

    1. to amputate
    2. to have a total knee replacement (The problem with this is a complete knee replacement is needed every 10 years.)
    3. to have pins inserted in my knee to hold it together and hope for the best (This solution was the least hopeful for resolving the pain.)


I elected 3 and hoped & prayed for the best. I got the surgery, and my rehabilitation was long.
I was able to get good range of motion but was always in pain. I had constant inflammation and had to take drugs for it. Over the last five years, I had major side effects with the drugs and had to change drugs each year to find one that did not make me feel cruddy.
After three weeks of treatment with Dr. Kwik's unique technique, in combination with his laser therapy, I have no inflammation and no drugs!
My right knee is starting to look like the left one again, and I can enjoy activities that I have not been able to do in four years! Thanks Dr. Kwik!

-Michelle R

Post car accident foot/ankle injury and pain:

On April 17th, I was told by doctors in the emergency room that my recovery was going to take 4 to 6 months and that I would probably need to wear an ankle brace for the rest of my life—especially when I start running again. It has only been two months and I am out of my cast (not using crutches) and not wearing a ankle brace. Even though I an not at 100% yet, I truly believe that I would not have progressed this far without Dr. Kwik’s treatments. I will recommended Dr. Kwik to everyone I know. I’m looking forward to continuing my visits until I AM 100%! I have no doubt that I will be @ 110% percent when my treatments are completed.

-Erin B

I have Scoliosis and Chiropractic adjustments hurt:

 Before I began going to Dr. Kwik I had scoliosis for 15 years and visited the chiropractor at least once a week. The adjustments hurt and didn't seem to heal! I would lean over in my chair at work and my back would go out. Since I have been treated by Dr. Kwik , I no longer have pain in my back, and I rarely go out of adjustment and my visits are few and months between.

-Mark R

Many Years of Headaches:

For many years I suffered with headaches during the day and leg cramps at night. It was so frequent that it became normal to me.
After being treated by Dr. Kwik I realized that my pain was not normal and that there was someone who could actually help.
By receiving weekly treatments by Dr. Kwik, I can work all day with out a headache and I can sleep all night without the discomfort of leg cramps! What a different person I am.

-Lora G

Chronic pain in my neck and lower back

Since 1995, I have seen over 30 Chiropractors all over So. California seeking relief for chronic pain in my neck and lower back. I was very skeptical when first introduced to Dr. Kwik by a friend and I as on the verge of giving up all hope! Joyfully- I have experienced dramatic results under Dr. Kwik’s skillful one of a kind techniques- I have gone from 2 visits a week to 1 visit a month! Thank you God for Dr. Kwik!

-Susan P

Feet cold in the morning:

As far back as I can remember my feet have felt cold whenever I awoke in the morning. This was such a part of my life that I never told Dr. Kwik about this. After about 10 treatments, Dr. Kwik was working with my hips and cranium and two days later I awoke, realizing my feet were warm. I believe this change came directly from treatments using matrix repatterning chiropractic techniques.

-Craig W