7 Steps towards Wellness

I can't overemphasize how important simple habits are to your sanity not to mention your health

I say these things to my patients very, very often because I want to ingrain it in their heads. I’ll say it again because it’s so important: I can’t overemphasize doing the things below to aid your healing journey. Many come in desperate in pain, with cancer or other disease, like allergies or autoimmune issues. How they got to my office is a story of deprivation often missing one or more components below. Your body will be operating at a deficit if you don’t do these things. Southern California is fast paced, full of demands and stress that will eat your health up unless you are intentional about being healthy. What are the simple, nuts and bolts daily activities to keep you energetic and vibrant?

Your daily energy to live comes from stored energy in the body. My whole goal with treatment is to charge up cells that are weak. Did you know that cancer cells have the lowest charge? Stress, nutritional deficiencies, Injuries, lack of sun, dehydration, lack of sleep, etc are dis-chargers. You are charged up after a treatment which normalizes body energy and therefore cleansing and nutrient absorption capabilities. What are the practical everyday healthy tools? For you, one thing may be more important than others especially if you're not getting one of these items regularly. So focus on those items that you need to work on the most.

Top 5 most important things
1. Sleep and rest at least seven to eight hours, preferably 8, including meditation time quiet time.
2. Follow the Well World app and stay accountable with me while developing good journal habits.
3. Pure, not poorly filtered refrigerated water or God forbid, tap water. If you knew what was in tap water, you would cringe. 1 qt/32 oz. per 50 lbs of weight. 96 oz maximum.
4. In our modern culture, we are so over exposed to electrical smog from Wi-Fi, cell phone, cordless phones Etc, that some authorities call it the greatest health threat of our day. It is critical that you ground yourself to the natural PEMF- pulse electromagnetic frequency of the earth. Go out in the sun. Walk Barefoot on the grass or sand. Touch a tree. Get a earthing mat for sleeping and sitting at work. Amazon.com

5. Listen to your body get power naps if necessary. Often time when you end up at my clinic, extra TLC is needed (see 1 and 2 next)

If you are doing the above things well, then start with doing the things below as well.
6. Bentonite clay - toothpaste on all areas of discomfort as well as scar tissue till it drys, the thicker the paste the more the detox.
7. Epsom salt bath for 30 minutes, full body if you can, but at least the hands and feet for 30 minutes each,